Author: Eric Hovind

Beginnings Cover

"Science deals with facts and religion deals with faith," right? Well, maybe; it depends on the venue. When we understand scientific fact as being that which can be tested and/or observed, and proven to be true or false, then yes: science is a factual medium of obtaining facts. But, when science attempts to assert as fact those things that cannot be tested or observed, then science becomes a faith.

Enter: evolution.

Taken from six presentations, author and creation apologist Eric Hovind takes readers through a systematic journey regarding the subterfuge and disingenuous presentation of evolutionary philosophy as verifiable science, and provides solid, logical refutation of this travesty. The reader will learn that even recognized phony and discarded hypotheses formerly utilized to promote to evolution, still appear in mainstream science textbooks...all in the name of science education. This is a must read for any parent concerned about true science and faith.




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