Dr. G. Thomas Sharp, Publisher

About Icon Books

Book publishing, like the culture in general, is changing at warp-speed. ICON is a new company with veterans in key spots, and we embrace the competitive challenges for the simple reason that we believe in what we are doing.

What we are doing is producing materials that will positively impact people, because our books will emphasize world view. During challenging times, people tend toward introspection, and so we have a "captive" audience. In essence, we believe that life has purpose. Books from ICON Publishing Group will always reflect that.

More than simply starting a company, we are also fully engaged in developing imprints that publish to niche audiences: Icon will have the flexibility to publish a wide range of topics; BookEnds will emphasize a Christian apologetics approach that touches on origins issues and predictive prophecy from the Bible; Truth in Science is an exciting new endeavor specializing in Christian education.

Our authors will have compelling things to impart to our culture. We will pursue out-of-the-box thinking in producing, marketing and distributing our titles.

With hundreds of thousands of titles being produced in the U.S. every year, our goal will not be to simply fill up shelves, but to fill up people. By being choosey, IPG will cater to quality over quantity. We will also speak plainly about the state of the publishing industry, and we invite you to regularly check in with us at our state-of-the-art website via blogs and newsletters.

At IPG, our family looks forward to interacting with you in a variety of ways. The future is bright!

Dr. G. Thomas Sharp




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